How much do you enjoy BFB? How often do you read us? Do you have a sinking, panicky feeling when you send your Internet scanner device our way and find the site is down? If the answer to the last question is yes, perhaps you should seek medical attention. If the answers to the first two questions are “A lot” and “Every day,” you’re the target for this post, because we need help.

We’re running a deficit. That deficit isn’t particularly large in real numbers, but it is more than double what we earn from ad revenue. We’ve made moves to reduce overhead, including CAPTCHA, removal of some commenting features (ex: thumbs up), etc. We’re contemplating a site redesign and a reduction in background “noise” to enhance not only the loading time, but also the load on our servers.

When we started this blog, I wrote that we would be giving our extra ad revenue to charity and some of you have voiced concerns that we haven’t come through on that promise. But we’re running a deficit. We’d gladly have excess money to give away. We’re looking into increasing ad revenue through contracts with other businesses, but as of yet we haven’t found the right partners, so we’re doing what we hope is the first and only…

Stand Up for BFB Fund!

Why? Because we need donations. We’re using PayPal so that everyone can participate, and all monies will go directly to BFB’s upkeep. If at the end of 2012 we’ve have extra money, we’ll give it to charity. That is a pinkie swear promise.

Remember, anything you are willing to give is awesome and we will appreciate it greatly and forever. Donation isn’t mandatory, and nobody’s keeping track. But like public television, only without the crappy pledge drive shows, we’d love to have voluntary contributions. Maybe you can’t be an FCB soci, but you can be a BFB soci. Let’s do this.

Click on PayPal to donate.