The Club Has Failed

There is a match this weekend, against Villarreal, but it hardly seems important in the face of a lot more vital things going on in Spanish football. Yes, it is a test for the men’s team against an opponent that will (theoretically) come out to play instead of sit back and kick the crap out… Continue reading The Club Has Failed

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Magic in Cadiz

I first encountered Jorge Gonzalez when I was in college, studying in Central America. It was 5 years after he retired and 13 years after he left Spain, which means it was a long time ago. If I had bothered to look it up on the then new Wikipedia, I wouldn’t have found an entry… Continue reading Magic in Cadiz

The Rebirth of Laportisme

Barcelona is a city of high art and higher aspirations. From the Dalí’s surrealism to the curved windows of Casa Batlló, there is an adherence to transcendent artistic expression, physical beauty, and a sense of timeless grandeur while in the towering spires of La Sagrada Familia, there remains the push to become ever more, reach… Continue reading The Rebirth of Laportisme

They’re Here To Win: Champions League Final preview of Barça – Lyon

It is rare that we get 2 legendary teams playing against each other in a one-off tournament match. We, as fans, are often denied these monumental matchups by the stresses and pressures of season-long campaigns. And yet, here we are: 2 dynasties, one an established global force and the other an up-and-coming superpower whose expanding… Continue reading They’re Here To Win: Champions League Final preview of Barça – Lyon

Europa League preview: Barça-Galatasaray

Life can be confusing sometimes, especially when what you think you know turns out to be ridiculously wrong. As recently as 2 weeks ago I was operating on the assumption that Galatasary, Turkish league winners in 5 of the last 11 seasons and runners-up twice in the 6 years they didn’t win it, including last… Continue reading Europa League preview: Barça-Galatasaray